Official trailer • KOUD BLOED

The short movie KOUD BLOED (COLD BLOOD)  is about a young woman who escapes her home situation during Corona time, because she feels misplaced and unseen. She thinks she has found a safe place with her boyfriend, but this soon turns into a place full of sinister events.

In the coming months the film will be shown at several festivals.  Thereafter the movie will be shown online. So stay tuned for the complete movie.

Cast and Crew


July Janssen and Geoffrey Thompson


Director: Morgan Grunefeld
DoP: Victor Nieuwenhuijs
Gaffer: Roel Ypma en Chris Uiterwijk
Set dresser: Zino Bakker
Make-up and Styling: Stephanie Visser
Drone operator: Vincent Lublink
Edit: Jordi Beukers
Sounddesign: Suzan Van Eck
Music composing: Tom Meurs
Executive Producer: Chantal van Remmen
VFX: Ishan Qureshi

Boom operator: Vitalij Kuzkin
Focus puller: Nina da Costa
Color grading: Antonino Durante
Production ass: Lieneke Veen
Assistent director: Michaël Bil
Make-up ass: Emma Chillings
Location manager and catering: Vera Diekstra en Peter Monnink
Music: Harry-G-Bluesband
Mixing and mastering: Floris Jonker,
ADR: Peter Flamman en @soundadventure
Foley and 5.1 mix: @feverfilmnl




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