The Beasts

This is a Russian Siberian story.

In this part of the world the temperature can easily drop to minus 20 degrees. Where snow storms, giant bears, hungry wolfs, unexpected confrontations are happening on daily basis. Pre-judgements takes the overhand instead of feeling and observing the moment.
We will take you to the edge of life and death, where you’ll see how Kaywé has to face -primitive and on her own- hunger, cold, wild predators and deadly

July Janssen writer of the script and will play the leading role of ‘Kaywé’ in a film which takes place in the wild nature of Siberia, a young woman who managed to survive on her own and deals with daily struggles after her family was exterminated 15 years in the past.

Meer informatie

We zijn nog bezig met dit project. Maar als je meer wil weten dan kan je een bezoekje brengen aan de website van The Beast. Je kan daar veel stills en ander materiaal vinden.